Luke 23:18-25,  Luke 22:54-62

During this time of Easter bunnies, egg hunts, candy, etc., we need to stop and think of why this time of year is so special to us as Christians and followers of Christ. When do we actually take the time to stop and reflect on what Jesus did for us besides church on Easter morning? To truly pause and think about the suffering that He went through…for us!!!! And of the crowd that shouted “Crucify Him!” I wonder, would I have been a member of that crowd, afraid to go against the grain? Or would I have stood up for Jesus even if it were to cause me being ridiculed or even lead to death? I would like to think that there is no way I could have ever been part of that crowd. But then again, Peter never thought he would deny Jesus. Jesus stood up for us on that cross and paid the ultimate price. Remember that. But also reflect and take joy in knowing that Jesus Christ conquered the grave so that we may have eternal life through Him. Happy Easter! God is good 😉