Genesis 22:1-18

I was asked last Sunday, “how passionate are you for God?” That is a good question and one I think we should all ask ourselves from time to time. The everyday earthly life can move our focus off what truly matters to things that will only decay and perish. Today’s scripture was an awesome seen of true passion for the Lord. How many of us can say we love the Lord so much we would sacrifice our child? I know I can’t answer that question and thank God he doesn’t ask us to show our faith that way anymore. However, there are Christians in the world that are constantly under distress and persecution for their faith and yet they prevail. We are blessed to be in a country where we can worship freely without fear. With this all said, the question remains, how passionate are you for God? Maybe if we ponder that question for a while, we will see where we lack and strive to make substantial changes in our lives to live a life worth of Christ. I know, I for one need to be more passionate for a God-man that gave His life for me on a cross. How about you? God Loves Ya 😉