We all struggle with personal issues that we keep to ourselves. We figure if we say them out loud or share with others, they may feel differently about us. Knowing God sees, hears and knows all is a bit of a comfort because He still loves us in the midst of our messed-up thoughts and feelings. For me personally, I am struggling with some past anger and resentment. Recently, I read in the local newspaper that an acquaintance from my past had passed away. I immediately felt that anger and hatred for this person for the negative effect he had on my family and my life as I knew it. Just seeing his name brought all the memories of the pain and heartache my family and I went through. I knew then my issues were not resolved as I thought they were. I know I’m a work in progress. I confessed and asked God to purify my heart and my thoughts and to forgive me for giving my past power over me again. We are all brand new when we decide to follow Jesus; our old is dead and gone! Praise God for loving me and helping me be what He wants me to be! Have a blessed day!