As I am still home recovering from a recent surgery, HGTV has been on my television quite often. I have always loved many of the design shows but recently, after watching a lot of them, I found myself becoming envious and coveting what those on the shows had. Whether it was the seemingly perfect family or job to the million dollar dream home. I started observing myself and my life and comparing. Social media is also guilty of this. How many of us scroll through our news feed and think “Wow! I could never pull off a birthday party like that” or “I wish I had that perfect of a home”. But the reality is, we are all perfect in our own unique ways because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. (Psalm 139:14) We might not be able to be the perfect host or the best baker, but we all have gifts from our Father that make us “perfect” in His eyes. Remember the next time you begin to compare yourself to others; there is only one you in which He designed. He took special care to make you unique and perfectly YOU! Go confidently in His love. God is good 😉