How many of us have ever broken a promise to a friend, your parent or your child? We are all human so most likely we all have been unable to keep a promise even though at the time, it was a promise straight from the heart that you had no intentions on breaking; am I right? When this happens, of course we feel horrible, untrustworthy and think that person has lost total faith in you. The only one that we can fully count on folks is our one true God. Through reading God’s word during Bible studies, sermons and on my own, I have learned that when God promises something, He never breaks His promises. Not ever. Not one time has He made a promise to us and broken it or let us down. This is where faith comes in. When we doubt, question or try to work things out on our own, knowing full well we can’t, that is not trusting our Heavenly Father and His promises. Looking back on my life, every time I felt hopeless and at a dead end, God always made a way for me that was better than I’d imagined. We all want our lives to be pleasing to God, so, put all your faith in Him. Trust and believe my friends and have a blessed day!