John 3:17-18 (VOICE)

What is the most popular Bible verse in the world? Yep, John 3:16! I have known it since I was a child. Tim Tebow has worn it under his eyes, people put it on signs all the time; it is ingrained into our minds when we see “3:16”. However, I recently noticed the verses that follow that most popular verse in the world. In particular, (v17) popped out at me. Many of us live in a mode of being unworthy, of thinking God is out to get us, pointing out every flaw, every mistake we make. Many of us may have learned that in church; fear of doing wrong, making mistakes, not measuring up. God didn’t send Christ to this world to treat us like that. He sent Him because he LOVES us! He didn’t send Christ to judge us, but to rescue us!! We all know that we make mistakes, that we fail to “live up” to our best selves in Christ. This doesn’t mean we can go out and do whatever WE want and live as our flesh desires. It MEANS we can walk throughout the day knowing that we no longer have to “fear condemnation” of those mistakes!! We can live in confidence and peace! May you walk today in the power of who you are in Christ! – Xavier Francis

11-9 devo