We have all heard, “If you are out of hope and in despair, just pray”. The word “just” is disturbing to me, why? It’s not JUST praying, like it’s the least we could do. Praying to God is the highest of honors; it’s our direct link to Him and we should above all things, praise Him for listening and always being available. God will never put us on hold, we will never have to push buttons to get to Him or have to call back because He is in a meeting. No. He is there waiting to hear from us. Our God is an awesome God. He wants to have that close relationship with us and wants us to cry out to Him in prayer, thanksgiving and praise. So, folks, it’s not “just” pray. It’s the most powerful way of letting God know we love Him and need Him every day, all day! Amen. Have a blessed day!