Luke 1:38, 46-55
One of my favorite things of the Christmas season are the songs that are sung; especially those that are explaining the Christmas story. The Gospel of Luke offers the most extensive telling of the Christmas story and in his version, we find a number of those songs.  This demonstrates one thing for us; that music is significant. Music plays an important role for the Israelite people, and for us.  For the Israelites, when they were happy, they sang; when they were sad, they sang; when they were scared, they sang. Music depicted all of these emotions. Music is just powerful! We know that because we are no different than the Israelites when it comes to music. There is a reason we like music.  Music can speak to us in our silence in a way that nothing else can. Music has a way of filling voids and silences in our lives with something beautiful and creative and restorative for us.  Music can convey that which words alone cannot. Let us really listen to some of the beautiful Christmas songs this year and hear the Gospel in a new and compelling way. God Loves Ya 😉