James 5
James 5 reminds us how important it is to pray. He references one of the mighty prayer warriors of the Old Testament – Elijah. We all need to model and become the prayer he was and mighty things will come. If we seriously and humbly pray with our whole being, prayer becomes the gateway to perceiving and seeing the world with God’s eyes. Prayer becomes the source of strength to DO faith day in and day out. Prayers are uttered with our tongues to bring forth life; prayer both taps us into the power of humility and helps us become HUMBLE ourselves.
And Elijah, this prayer, was NO DIFFERENT than us. He was a person who lost his temper, forgot to say thank you, lost his wallet, messed up, had regrets, and sinned…just like us. But he was a prayer. I’m sure there are many reasons why we do not pray. But I think the biggest reason might be a sense of apathy. It’s not a time issue, it is a priority issue. Somehow we think that there just does not have to be a sense of urgency in what we do, in laying our lives before the Almighty. Let us become like Elijah and pray with intention, focus and meaning and have that relationship with God that allows us to be called followers of Christ. God Loves Ya;)

devo 2-3