Exodus 32:19, 34:6-7
While reading for Bible study, I remembered the “broken” figurine. One day out of frustration with my sons, I became angry and slammed a closet door. Something so simple as having to repeat, “Put your shoes away!”, had driven me to my wit’s end. Screaming and yelling, I slammed the closet door causing this figurine to fall. As I picked up the pieces, I noticed only the girl was damaged. The boy was completely intact. I immediately felt ashamed of my actions and saddened by how my sons must have felt having received such anger over quite a silly thing! Should they have listened, of course, but my reaction was unnecessary. My words and actions should always reflect the love and grace God extends to me. But how can I know what that would look like without knowing Him? Studying the Bible gives me insight to Him and His character and examples of those before me who have been there, done that. It helps me see God in the day to day and allows him to mold me to be a better mom, a better person. Without it, I would be like the figurine, just broken. Should you visit my house and notice the lovingly kept piece, remember that we are all broken and only able to be restored back to perfection through God’s precious Son, Jesus. Amen! – Nicole Meyer

devo 12-19-14