Philippians 3:12

We notice two things when we read today’s scripture. First, Jesus first pressed to take hold of us. We learn Christianity is not something we take up, it takes us up. Second, it conjures up a few questions. Does this mean every Christian must have a dramatic conversion experience? How do we know if or when Jesus is pressing upon us if it is not dramatic? If a Christian is an object of God’s pressing pursuit then why is God not working in everyone’s life?  A lot of good questions, but we have to understand one thing, God is at work pressing upon us before we even realize that God is at work on us.  We call this Prevenient Grace. God’s love brings repentance; the repentance does not bring the love because Jesus pressed to take hold of us, now we press on. Knowing God is not just the goal of life, it is life. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 1-19-15