1 Peter 5:5 says, “All of you, clothe yourself with humility toward one another”. For the longest time, I believed that humility was an internal war that I consistently lost due to the fact I was not able to change enough on the inside in order to show humility on the outside. Peter is clearly stating that we are to clothe ourselves on the outside in a way that shows we are willing to go small, put others first, and race to the back of the line as much as possible. The common understanding for humility in the early church was in comparison with the Nile River at its lowest stage, “Not rising far from the ground”. Instead of worrying about not being humble enough, what if we ask in any and every situation, “What would a humble person do?” Here is the best thing about humility. When you and I act humble, it serves as an invitation to God to give us the strength, endurance, and power we need to do the right thing in each situation. This week, put on humility like an apron that reminds you to serve, on behalf of Christ, to those you encounter each day. Stay Close to Jesus. – Pastor Bryce