Psalm 119:105

A bird flew out in front of my truck the other morning and well, you can guess what happened. My first thought was, “out of this whole huge sky to fly, you decided to fly right now into the path of my truck.” How many times in our lives do we make split decisions like that bird and dive head first into a situation or challenge that ends up being very bad for us? Of course there are times when we have no choice but to make a last second decision – but many times we do have time to pray about it, consult God, family, friends etc. We have to remember our decision drives the path of our lives and if we don’t consult the one that is in control, we might end up getting lost, hurt or something even worse. Let us take time before jumping the gun. Pray, ask and wait for a little; we will all be better off. Lets us take a lesson from that bird. God loves Ya 😉