Matthew 24

Are you ready for Jesus’s return? I got asked this question from a bell ringer outside our local Walmart over the holidays. Without hesitation, I answered quite quickly, yes, I am ready and excited for his return. After pondering over my answer, I thought, “am I really ready’? Do I live a life pleasing to God? Have I told my loved ones and friends how much they mean to me? Have I spent enough time bringing others to Jesus and sharing His word? Have I feed the hungry? Loved when I didn’t want too? Helped when I could have helped? Encourage instead of discourage? Have I blessed others? It’s a lot to think about, He will come like a thief in the night, no warning, no rehearsals and there will be no, ” I will come back when you are ready” type of thing. We need to be ready on the spot. Are You ready for His second coming? I Pray we all are. Have a blessed day! 🙂 – Lori Moore

1-8 devo