1 Corinthians 15:51-42 (NIV)

Not long ago on my ride to work, I noticed on one of my back roads they were clearing out a wooded area, removing a substantial amount of trees and clearing the land. I thought to myself, now why do people have to ruin the beauty of the woods we still have. My thoughts were a new house was being built, or maybe more gas drilling. I mentioned it to my friend and he explained that the logging and clearing was actually necessary for the land, so it could grow and flourish rather than stay unproductive and stagnant. After our discussion, I realized change is necessary to all of us too. If we stay the same, not grow, not flourish, we merely exist in life. When we surrender to God, change within ourselves is inevitable. With God, our old self dies and we become new, reborn, and saved just like the trees in the woods! Praise God, Have a Blessed Day! 🙂 – Lori Moore

devo 5-22-15