Romans 6:15-23 (NLT)
True freedom is not about us; it’s about God… it is: a gift of God, a byproduct of being not free, but rather enslaved to the right thing; namely to the Son of Man, to Jesus.—Bishop Willimon. You and I tend to see laws and commands-forgive, love others, give generously as limitations of our innate human freedom; but the Bible tends to think of these laws as the pathway to true God-given freedom. Signs of our freedom are to share grace and love with those who don’t deserve it because WE have had grace and love shown to us! Remember that our relationship with God is first something that God does, rather than something that we do. We were once slaves in sin held in bondage, but now we are slaves in Christ set free for life. Our obedience to the ways of God doesn’t really feel like slave-forced obligations when it is based upon gratitude for what God has done for us. It feels more like freedom – life giving, celebrative, upside-down living freedom. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 6-9