Isaiah 12:1-6
We all have heard Christmas songs, but one you are guaranteed to hear every season is “Joy to the World”. What is this joy they are speaking about? The joy you feel when you win the lottery, get a materialistic item, or are having a baby -possibly. All these things can be good, but nothing surpasses the joy we can feel when we are in the Lord. The Lord’s joy is an everlasting joy; one that cannot be taken away when trials and tribulations come upon us. I personally think there is more to joy. I think in real joy there is a sense of deep contentment – something that dwells up in us with a mix of peace and excitement – that allows us to breathe and smile and be filled.  This joy has warmth to it (like drinking nice hot cocoa, or coffee when you are chilled). According to Adam Hamilton there are 3 things that produce joy as based upon our faith. Joy is a byproduct of TRUSTING God, of seeing SUFFERING differently, and of trying to GIVE other people JOY. When we break it all down, joy is simply a byproduct of love. Reflecting the love of God will actively result in producing joy in our hearts; so go spread the Joy of the season. God Loves Ya;)

devo 12-16