Philippians 1

We have to admit everyone wants happiness, we want to rejoice. In this chapter of Philippians we learn two truths that Paul teaches us on how to rejoice no matter what; first, belonging to a real community helps us rejoice. Second, Paul teaches it is not the circumstances of our life, but rather our definition of life that determines if we will rejoice. Paul didn’t have blinders on or was delusional in any way. He had Christ in his heart and to him to live IS Christ. Christ is first and foremost the most important thing and the only thing to live for. Not meaning we are not to love and care for others but through Christ we love and care for others so they can live in Christ also. What is our definition of life?  What are we living for? We can rejoice and find happiness when our definition of life is the joy we find in Christ, not in worldly circumstances. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 1-5-15