There are so many times I should have been “dead” in my life: BUT GOD. GOD RELENTLESSLY chased and pursued me. He called me “chosen.” He gave me “life.” He called me to live. He chose me when I could not choose myself.He used circumstances and “life” to get my attention; to notice HIM— to notice HIS GRACE freely offered to ALL WHO ACCEPT it. OTHERS CONDEMNED me, they sentenced me; I condemned me – but God rescued me. God did not condemn; God did not judge; God loved – to bring me to Himself. “I created my own PRISON.” I hated me; THE KING OF GLORY DID NOT hate me. What I found is that God is not about rules and regulations— God first desires we understand HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Once encountered by His Love (grace), He will begin to do a work THROUGH US AS HE SEES FIT. I can look back over my life and see where He showed up when I never noticed Him. He used people, circumstances, and moments to reveal Himself to me; to show me He was calling me, forgiving me, when I couldn’t see Him right in front of me.He was acting about me to reveal His love to me, but I was too distracted and unworthy to notice. The VOID I needed filled; it was HIM. He was the SOURCE. But I rejected IT and I didn’t see Him. Yet HE relentlessly pursued. -Kristy Lair