I normally steer clear of the subject of marriage since I have had 2 failed ones; but I also learned some valuable life lessons through the struggles of trying to keep them together and then eventually, going through divorce. One of the best lessons was that some things are meant to die. My first husband and I were very young when we got married. We thought we knew it all. We’ll be fine. It will be fun to be married. Until bills started coming in, babies started coming, cars broke down and we would blame each other for everything that happened. The friendship we had started out with quickly turned into, “I can’t stand to hear you breathe”! We were together for 5 miserable years. The next one started out the same way. We had so much fun together. Every day we found something to laugh about. He was a great stepfather, provider, etc. Thought again, this will be the marriage from Heaven. Nope! It eventually turned into Hell. Drug abuse, alcohol, finances, and a list of other things played a part in ending that one. What I am saying is, for years I felt the guilt and loss of those marriages breaking apart; but, with the wisdom I have today, I know now that some things are meant to die. We must trust God to lead our ways and not rely on our own judgments and wants. We must rely on God for all our decisions and walk by faith in Him. Yes, you can have an awesomely blessed marriage; but, if God isn’t in it, peace won’t be either. Have a blessed day! God bless your marriage.