The meaning of residue as defined in the dictionary is “a small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.” Residue can be negative or positive. For example, a lady has on a beautiful smelling perfume and you can still smell her when she is gone; or the smell of a dead skunk on the road that leaves a bad smelling stench. If we take this one step further, what residue do you leave behind after you are in someone’s presence? Do you leave behind a spirit or residue of happiness, kindness, compassion, friendship or in other words the ‘residue’ of Christ? Or do you leave behind a residue of anger, fear, doubt, un-trustworthiness, hate, etc…? Whether you like it or not, you always leave behind a residue; so that residue should be Christ-like. Let people feel and remember the residue of Christ in you. God Loves Ya 😉