“Cover me up and use me for good” is a prayer I say a lot. Why? Because I know if I go out as myself uncovered by the spirit of God, I will fail. We all need to be covered by the grace and mercy of God. We are fallen people living in these ‘earth suits’ and without the blood of Christ covering us, we are nothing to be proud of. This covering isn’t a mask or something to hide behind, it is a cloak of transformation where we are being worked on by God from the inside out. We all make mistakes; we are far from perfect. Think of it this way; when an artist prepares to show his creation to an audience, it is covered with a cloth until the time of reveal. That doesn’t make him less of an artist; it just prepares the audience for the great reveal of his work. We are God’s masterpiece. He covers us with the Holy Spirit preparing us for when we will be revealed. For some of us it might not be until we are in heaven, but for others it may be during our lifetime on earth. “Lord cover me up and use me for good until you are ready to reveal the God masterpiece in me”. God Loves Ya 😉