Have you ever felt like you have let God down? I’m going to walk out on a limb here and say I’m sure most of us have. We go to church, we socialize with other Christians, we pray, we feel we have a close relationship with Him but yet we still fall short of His glory. The worst feeling in the world for me when I was growing up was disappointing my parents. I hate the thought of God being disappointed in me through my words, actions or thoughts. I once had a Bible study teacher explain to me that what I was feeling was the Holy Spirit letting me know that I am straying away and I need to get back on the right path. God loves us unconditionally like the Father He is. In Him, we are perfectly made in His image; but, we are human and are going to stumble at times. Rest assured, God will keep us on the right path. If we  do move just a little to the left, He will let us know and your heart will feel it. Keep praying over your failures and short comings. God is always here to help us through. Amen. Have a Blessed day!