Recently, God has answered a huge prayer for me. After months and months of waiting not so patiently, I am finally financially blessed beyond my expectations and more than I’d imagined. I am here to testify that whatever you and yours are going through, it is All God’s plan for your life. He may strip away and bring you to your knees many times during your struggle but, trust and believe one day it will all be worth it. I’m still reeling that my circumstances are finally over, to the point where I haven’t felt “normal” yet. My whole life I have scraped pennies, lived pay to paycheck, no emergency fund ever existed but, through God and His grace, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. With it comes much responsibility but I know God will guide my heart, keep me on track and disciplined in all I do. I urge you all my friends, if you are going through the toughest times in your lives right now, rest assured, God has you right where He wants you. Have a blessed day and keep watching for His blessings!