Philippians 4:6-7

I had a tail light cover that was broken on my car; so, in my brilliant wisdom, I put clear tape over it so the car would pass inspection. The car passed inspection, but the mechanic said that the tape over my light cover was just a temporary fix and that I should replace it because sooner or later I was going to have bigger problems. Of course I didn’t listen to him and yes I had other issues; soon after, moisture and dirt got into my lighting system and I ended up replacing the whole tail light and spending much more money than I would have just replacing the light cover. We do this in life; we put Band-Aid’s on our hurts and habits and issues and hope it will go away without really fixing the problem. Some of those temporary fixes might include alcohol, drugs, adultery, lies, over eating, etc…We have to rip off those Band–Aids and let God heal us. We have to go to God and give Him our issues and then trust and follow in obedience to His will. If we don’t, the temporary fix will lead to much worse problems down the road. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 1-2-15