Ugh! Road construction! Seems like every street I turn on in my town has construction signs posted. Roads closed. Please detour. Very frustrating for travelers; but in the end, they will be beautiful and newly paved.┬áRecently, I had gotten a ride to the store and my friend went up one of the roughest and torn up streets there is. Asking why he wouldn’t take the smoother ride with not as many pot holes he answered, “Well, it’s a rough road but it’s a quicker way.” Hmm! I honestly don’t get that but after some thought I realized some people are like that in life; some take the bumpier, more difficult way to get where they want to go and then there are some that prefer the smoother, less bumpy ride. Less detours, less wear and tear on our spirit and physical well-being. Where are you at in life? What path are you choosing? I, myself, will take the longer, smoother, more peaceful path with Jesus! Have a blessed day my friends!