Ephesians 4:1-13, Matthew 7:13-14
Did you ever just go for a drive and notice a road that you never took? I have many times and am usually pleasantly surprised either by the sights I see or by the new knowledge of where this road less traveled leads to. This happens in life all the time. We have opportunities – choices and decisions to make that ultimately could change our destiny, attitude, personality or goal – but do we take that road? When it comes to humility, we often don’t take the road less traveled. The truth is we are encouraged by the world to NOT travel this road. More and more we are encouraged to join everyone else and make life about ME; what makes ME happy, what the world can do for ME, and so on. To suggest serving over being served, to suggest NOT all my way, is increasingly a rare road to travel. Very often it is the LACK of humility from which all other problems tend to flow. We often fight humility because our first thought goes to what WE are missing out on. But when we do that, we fail to recognize what is also being shared. We need to be humble and take that road not just for us, but for building the kingdom of God. God Loves Ya;)

Road in the Woods