Colossians 2:6-10
Did you ever try digging the roots out of the ground from a tree or bush that has been there for a long time? Trust me – it isn’t an easy task! It involves countless hours of digging, cutting and hard labor. Some of those roots are so deep and thick; you think you need dynamite to get them out! If we look at our own spiritual roots, can we say the same thing? Can we say that we are so rooted in the word of God that no matter what kind of wind blows or storm that comes our way, we will never fall down? Do our roots go so deep and are so sturdy that there is nothing that can rip us away from the love of God? For some of us the answer might be no. So what do we do about that? Get into the word of God, go to church, join a small group, and immerse ourselves in the love of God. Get involved in your neighborhood, join a worthy organization, read and listen to bible believing preachers and authors. Most importantly, lots of prayer! Spend time with the Lord and get rooted in Him for His roots are deep and will sustain you through any storm. God loves Ya;)