Luke 15:11-32 (NLT)

As with any sin, the first motion toward getting back on course is to acknowledge that you have slipped away from the Lord in the first place. Then you confess and repent, which is like turning your boat in the opposite direction and paddling toward God with all your strength. If you’re wondering how to not start drifting away from God, may I suggest a couple strategies I use; before I put one foot out of bed in the morning, I thank God for opening my eyes to a new day and dedicate the day to Him and ask for His guidance on my daily path. That puts me in the right mind right out of the gate. While I am driving somewhere, instead of listening to the radio, I pray and talk to my creator. There are many times and ways to speak with God during the day. Every day we have a choice to either row towards or drift away from God. As for me, I choose to row towards God. God Loves Ya 😉

7-29 devo 1