Romans 5:8

We all have scars – whether it’s the scar above our eyebrow that we don’t want anyone to notice or the emotional scars from childhood or lost love that we often even try to hide from ourselves. We all have scars and wounds that we try to hide. We hide them because they remind us of a pain we never wanted to go through and truly usually don’t want to remember. But God has a different plan for our wounds and scars! Jesus didn’t hide His scars. He used them as proof of who He was – the Beloved Son of His Heavenly Father who is the ultimate healer and restorer. God can use your scars too. If we weren’t wounded and baring a few scars – how would a lost world ever be able to relate to us and be willing to listen to the Good News we have to share? So don’t hide your scars! Let God use them to point to the Healer of the scarred and the lover of the wounded.