Acts 3:19,20 (NLT)

My granddaughter and her friends went to a Halloween attraction this pas weekend that is well known for being pretty scary. She was telling me about the experience and one of her comments was, “It was very mentally draining because you didn’t know what was coming next; you knew something was coming, you just didn’t know what or when.” Hmm, I thought. Sounds a lot like life. We never know what’s coming next in our lives; it can change in a split second. That’s where faith and trust in God comes in. Worrying, anticipating and fretting about what will happen next is very draining and life robbing. Trust in our Lord and Savior; He goes first on our scary paths, protecting us from what is around the corner. Father, remind us always to not fear and know that you are here. Have a blessed day! :)- Lori Moore

10-28 devo