Philippians 2:3

Recently, we have become slow at work to the point of sending associates home. I received a phone call on Friday morning telling me they were giving people an excused day off if they didn’t want to come in for their shift because of no work. My immediate thoughts were, “woo-hoo, it’s Friday! I might get a day off!” Being a supervisor, if only 3 people wanted to work, I would have to go in. I’m thinking, who would come in knowing there is nothing to do and it’s Friday! Well, my next call was, “we have 7 people that want to come in”. I was like what?? Why? Who? I was so angered that they wanted to come in making me come in, ruining MY day off. I lost total perspective as to why they were coming in. They couldn’t afford it. I was being so selfish and only thinking about myself. I was so convicted of my thoughts and feelings, I asked God for forgiveness after realizing how I was being so selfish. We must always put others first. We never know what struggles people are having, financially or otherwise. I pray to have an understanding; kind heart that puts others needs before my own. Have a blessed day! 🙂 Lori

2-15 devo