Philippians 4:19

To say the least the last two weeks have been an emotional struggle for me. Due to some circumstances in the business world, my position, actually the whole shift at my job, was reassigned and the shift has been suspended. There is no doubt that this change is going to hurt my family and myself financially, but I know God will provide. After brooding and moping around for a few days, God spoke to my heart and I have a new attitude. I might be losing money but this unfortunate set of circumstances has given me a God opportunity. I was working 3rd shift and slept during most of the day; so now I can get involved in more things around my church and do more things with this ministry. The song from Casting Crowns “American Dream” put things in perspective for me. A line in the song goes, “I’ll take a shack on a rock over a castle in the sand”. God will take care of my needs, all I have to do is focus on serving His kingdom. I abandoned the castle in the sand and started building my shack on the glorious rock of Christ. God Loves Ya 😉

2-1 devo