When we walk into a situation, do we make it better or worse? Do we talk about others? Do we take sides? Do we allow others to tell lies or untruths? We must remember that everything we do should be for the good of others. That includes getting in the middle of bad situations. We can’t let a bad or negative energy affect us in a way we carry it on to others. When we leave that arena of contention, we must be like a dog that just got soaked. Shake, shake, shake it off! We are ambassadors of Jesus’ peace; too often the world pressures us to forget this truth that is planted in our heart. We get involved in a negative way that only breeds more negativity. Shake it off, pray for the situation and allow peace to reign over you and others. The devil thrives on lies and ugly contention; we can’t allow him to have any more leverage than he already has. God Loves Ya 😉