Over the past year, I have been blending healthy and nutritious shakes all the while getting comments and looks of disgust such as, “yuck!” from my family. So you can only imagine my surprise when they were fighting over the blender to make shakes. The start of a New Year brings opportunities to eat healthy and clean and they were.   God wants us to eat healthy, exercise and take care of our physical bodies. “Do you not know your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, “(1Corinthians 6:19) It is a challenge every day for me to make healthy choices and exercise, but when I think about my savior taking resonance inside of me; a dwelling place he calls sacred, I am in awe and strive to care for it and keep it clean.  Not only physical, but spiritual health is just as important for us to care for by renewing our minds (Romans 12:2).  We strengthen our spiritual health not by lifting weights, but by lifting our eyes upon the Lord in prayer, reading and studying the Bible, worshipping, listening to Christian radio, and serving others. It is encouraging to know He rejuvenates our mind, body, and spirit when we exercise daily and are in community with Him. When you have a lapse and feel discouraged, SHAKE it off. Allow God to SHAKE NEW life in you this New Year and SHAPE you into the person HE wants you to be. – Melissa Lundy

devo 1-28-15