Romans 6:7-25
Being in the back scene of a wrestling tournament lately, I saw firsthand the devotion and passion these kids put into wrestling. Most sports are based on a team effort. Wrestling is the same way in a sense, but there seems to be more of a personal responsibility and accountability ingrained in these kids. They put everything they have into winning and when that doesn’t happen, they crumble into a rejected pile. As followers of Christ, we should put such intensity and tenacity into doing His will; when we fail, and we will, we will know immediately and understand we need to get back on the right path with Him. When we fail Him, unlike these kids, we don’t need to feel worthless or rejected. We get on our knees and pray. He will lift His hand out to us, renew us and assure us that everything will be okay. We have to get up, shake the dust off and strive to be better and to try harder. Our God is there with us in everything we do and He knows what is in our hearts. We do live in a fallen world and we do fall short of His glory…but that is the beauty of God – He knew we would but through the blood of Christ, we are redeemed and made new everyday through His mercy and grace. God Loves Ya;)

devo 3-19