Luke 6:38

As parents, I think one of the earliest lessons we teach our children is to share. As children and even in adulthood, it’s not always easy to share our things, our stuff and of course our money. We want to hang on to our possessions with both arms wrapped around them. Well, what about our love for Jesus? Do we share that? Do we share the knowledge that we have about the God that loves all of us no matter what, sharing His truth and promises? We are not supposed to keep God to ourselves. We can’t say, “No. He’s mine and you can’t have Him. That would be silly and not pleasing to God at all. We read all through the Bible about sharing our successes, our good fortunes, our homes, whatever God has given us; we are to share with others. Stop the stinginess. Share what the good Lord has so graciously given you and especially share the good news of Jesus Christ! It will save someones life! Have a blessed day!  🙂