Romans 12:3-8
Back in September, our church had a community worship service for each one of our services and for the community at large. It was a great day and there were so many elements that came together to worship our Lord. Different genres of music were included from praise bands, choir, strings, orchestra, and hymnal music to contemporary; it was a God moment of “Wow! How did this all come together and turn out to be such a beautiful and an amazing experience?” Of course God pulled it together but everyone with their unique gifts from God used them and came together in HUMILITY to glorify Him. Every single person is needed to offer their (SPIRITUAL) gifts and abilities in ministry, lest the community miss out on the FULLNESS of its potential. However, our Scripture today reminds us before you do anything else, or use any of your gifts; make sure you realize that you are not more important than anyone else.  You are part of a community, you are not better OR worse; we all have gifts to use, but they are meant to be used in humility with the body, for the glory of God and not for our own glorification! So let us remember that only in COMMUNITY, in mutual HUMILITY, do our spiritual gifts reach their full potential for maximum impact! God loves Ya;)

The green sheet covered by the sun