Isaiah 43:4

Sift, sift, sift the dirt in the pan looking for a little nugget of gold thinks a little boy watching his grandfather pan for gold. He sees his grandfather working  that dirt over and over again and finally at the bottom of the pan he finds the tiniest little nugget of gold and is deliriously happy. The grandson says “Grandfather, was all that work really necessary just for that little nugget of gold?” The grandfather responds, “son, it’s just like God does to us; he sifts and sifts and sifts all the dirt away in our lives so we can be seen as we truly are and that is priceless to him”. We are all gems in his eyes and all that work is necessary so we may become what He made us for. God doesn’t put a price on the work He does in and through us. We are that precious to Him. God loves you 🙂