As most of us do after the start of a new year, I have joined the bandwagon of eating healthier, taking care of myself better and blah, blah, blah. In all honesty, I have been feeling better since I’ve been driving right by the bakery in place of flying in their parking lot on 2 wheels! Weekends are a little more challenging for me to eat sensibly just because it’s busier and I don’t have time to fix a proper meal. Feeling hungry, I decided to order a Chef salad from my local deli, in my mind, totally healthy. I’m pretty proud of myself for making this choice and not a hoagie dripping with mayonnaise . So, I get my salad home and I immediately started sifting out the good stuff! I’m pushing the lettuce, tomatoes and all the healthy stuff to the side and munched on the meat, cheese and dressing! Noo! Stopping myself and realizing what I was doing, it came to me just that quick. This is totally a God lesson! God does the same thing to us when we surrender to Him and His will. He sifts through all our bad until all of our good is revealed! Oh praise God for not giving up on us and having the patience to keep sifting and finding our good! We all have to go through the bad stuff to get to the good. Never give up, just like Jesus never gives up on us! Have a blessed day! 🙂