Psalms 131:1,2

Before all the holiday chaos begins, if it hasn’t already, let’s start out with keeping Jesus as our focus, reflecting and remembering what the holidays used to be like when we were kids. My favorite memory is going to Sunday school and learning about the birth of Jesus, making art projects and creating simple but treasured memories with my mom, gram, and special friends. Baking cookies from recipes so old you could hardly read them, picking out the best tree in the woods and tying it to the roof of the car and hoping it wouldn’t fly off until you got it home, then decorating it with your favorite ornaments. All this seems so trivial when you are a kid, only when you grow up and become an adult do you realize how special those times were. Don’t let the business of this holiday season; rob you of treasured moments with your children or grandchildren. The simple times are what they will remember. Thank You God for keeping us focused on what really matters. Have a blessed day! :).