1 Corinthians 1:27

While casually talking with one of the girls at work the other day, she mentioned that she had gone to an estate auction from her favorite aunt that had passed away. She commented that it wasn’t the big expensive things that brought the fond memories of her aunt and their time spent with each other but it was the small, simple things that made her smile; a cow creamer that always sat on her kitchen table, her favorite coffee cup and her knitting needles that were always by her favorite chair. It’s simply the way God wants us to live our lives, simple truth; ; love God, love others. Oh sure, big expensive vacations are wonderful, spending a small fortune on birthdays, Christmas presents etc. are all nice but what will your loved ones really remember about you and the time you gave them. God, remind us to appreciate the simple things in Life and the people around us that mean so much to us. Amen. Have a Blessed Day! 🙂 – Lori Moore

devo 5-11-15