Working a stand at our county fair this week has really been an eye opener for me concerning people and just humanity in general. So many different shapes, sizes, races and personalities; it is a wonderful blessing from God. My first thought was Thank God we aren’t all the same! How boring would that be? My second thought was each one of these people have a story, a testimony, a praise, a background that got them to where they are now. We go through life so often not looking around at our brothers and sisters in Christ and seeing who they really are no matter what they look like or how they talk. I was amazed how a simple smile from me turned many down faces into a smile. We all have stories, backgrounds, hurts and pains; but let us not forget we are all children of God. Try to bring a little joy to someone today whether through a smile, a handshake, a conversation or just a simple smile. God Loves Ya;)