Matthew 7:24-27
Growing up, I loved to watch the show Gilligan’s Island. Gilligan and the rest of the castaways spent a lot of time sinking in quicksand. Somehow they always managed to get pulled out one way or another. When we’re stuck in the quicksand in our life, we don’t need someone else to hand us a rope or branch to pull us out. We need to reach out our hand to God. He will come and carry us out of the sinking sand and put us back on solid ground; the solid ground of life in Him. So don’t be like Gilligan; pray, read the Bible, and stay focused on God. When you face the storms of life you won’t find yourself sinking because your feet will be firmly planted on the solid, unshakable foundation that Christ built. God loves ya! 😉   – Karen Chappell

devo 10-1-14