Zechariah 4:8-10

As I was studying this passage this week, it reminded me of this ministry, Simply God 101. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit in 2012, I started texting about 40 friends once a week to share Gods word; now 4 years later the list of people that receive Simply God texts are over 1100 people in 45 states and 1500 people on Facebook. Many things start with small beginnings from churches to businesses to the simple hello to the future wife or husband. God is telling us in this passage DO NOT disparage “small beginnings” because out of small beginning come great victories. God is with you no matter how small you think your contribution is to the kingdom. If God is for you, who can be against you? God loves you and wants you to start somewhere doing something for His glory. Don’t hesitate on the small thoughts and feelings; God is nudging you to do something great. God Loves You 😉4-25-devo