Psalm 19:1 (NLT)

I recently got a new job in an area of Pennsylvania that I have never really been in. As I made the long drive today, I looked upon the landscape from an outside perspective (I’m originally from northwestern Ohio which is extremely flat). Everywhere I looked there was a different beautiful scene. I took my time to try and soak it all in. After talking with some of the locals, I heard many of the negatives – “have fun driving those roads in the winter, good luck finding a place to stop to use the restroom”, etc. I realized that they have become accustomed to the area and the routine of their everyday lives. As an outsider and someone new, I look at their area in awe and amazement of how beautiful the mountains, forest, and creeks are. In the same way, we can look at our relationship with God with a fresh and new perspective and be amazed by what He has done in our lives. Let us take our time today to soak it all in; not only in what He has done in us but what He has created all around us. God is good 😉 -Ashley