2 Timothy 1:6-12
My friend and I were talking one time about how bad the roads are in Pennsylvania. He told me about a road sign he once saw in North Carolina that said, “Choose your rut carefully, you will be in it for the next 50 miles.”  Our spiritual life can succumb to ruts just like this warning sign states in NC. We all get in ruts throughout our lives but none are worse than the spiritual rut. Get up Sunday morning, fight with the kids, get in the car, and go to Church. This repeats over and over again, year after year. We can’t let our religious habits interfere with what God has planned for us. Ruts wear and break us down. We lose the gusto, the fire that God gave us for life, not to mention that we lose focus on what His plan for us really is. We need to get out there, join a small group, help at a soup kitchen, or go on a mission trip. Once we see how much we can do for others, that spiritual rut will disappear and we will see the many wonders that God has in store for us. God loves Ya;)