1 Peter 5; 1-4

Recently, while hanging out with my granddaughter and catching up on her busy life, she was filling me in on her job and how so much was changing because they were under new management, new rules, regulations and stricter expectations. She continued with, “It sucks now; everyone is quitting, nobody likes it there now and it’s no fun now”. Perfect opportunity for me to throw my “old lady Godly wisdom” her way! I started with, “Well, obviously, there needed to be some drastic changes made. Maybe they were losing profit, maybe employees were not taking their positions serious enough and sometimes, businesses have to do a “spring cleaning” to weed out what or whom is no longer working toward their goals. It’s very similar to when we are reborn in Jesus Christ. When we decide to give our hearts to Jesus, we are “under new management”. We have  new rules, new expectations and sometimes it may feel like “it’s no fun anymore”. But, God’s management will give us joy, peace and a life we never imagined would be so blessed. My lesson to her was to hang in there, trust the new management has bigger and better plans for her and her company. Look at new management as an awesome new blessing! Thank you God for yet another opportunity to share You with my loves 🙂 Have a blessed day! 🙂