“Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask in prayerbelieve that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24) This verse teaches us to increase our faith by changing our focus; the key is believing before we see. If we don’t see it in our minds eye, we will never see it come to fruition. God said believe! If we don’t first believe, how can we expect things to happen. I remember sitting every day in a yard of a house I wanted to purchase and praying that I would soon be the new owner. I wouldn’t just pray for it, but I would believe it was already mine. I would picture my family in the house and the kids playing in the yard. Two months later, I was remodeling the whole house that was now mine. The world does its best to take our focus off what we long for, but if it is Gods will, it will be done. However, we need to do our part by focusing, praying and most importantly believing that it already is ours. God will take care of you. God Loves Ya 😉