John 6:47-52

How many times do we skip or miss a meal? Perhaps we skip a meal here and there; I usually don’t eat breakfast (I know it is not good for me) but usually we eat at least twice a day, every day. We need food for energy and to survive. There are physical consequences that we feel when we don’t eat. So, if we had to choose to eat once or twice a day, would we? Of course we would! So why don’t we view our spiritual food in the same way? We might not feel the same physical consequences, but there are spiritual ones for not being fed. For some of us, Sunday services are the only day of the week we get fed and yet somehow, it becomes a decision on whether we go to church or not.  Sunday is our day to get revived and re-energized to face the emotional week that lies ahead. The world doesn’t skip a meal full of discouragement; there will be trials and tribulation that we will have to face.   We need the spiritual food of encouragement, inspiration and fellowship with other believers to combat the world. We need spiritual nourishment or we will wither away into the darkness of the world. Stay hungry my friends. God loves Ya;)

devo 10-25